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Patient lifted out of vehicle by Medstar van operator

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do You Take Medi-Cal?
Yes, but there are many restrictions. Typically you must be in a wheelchair, on hemodialysis, or have physical limitations that prevent you from riding in a private car.

2. Do You Take Medicare?
No, medicare does NOT provide any reimbursement for non-emegency transportation.

3. I am a regional center consumer and need a ride. Can I call you directly?
If you are a current client of Medstar you should call to inquire.

4. I am a service coordinator for the regional center and want to discuss feasibility, can I check with you before calling the transportation coordinator?
No. Medstar cannot discuss feasibility with service coordinators. Please direct feasibility questions to your transportation coordinator.

5. I have a doctor appointment that I need a ride to. Do I need to call 2 days in advance to book a ride?
No, you can call as soon you book your appointment.

6. I need to cancel a trip I have already scheduled. What do I do?
You can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cancel. If you get the company voicemail, just leave a detailed message with your name, phone number and date of the trip you want to cancel.

7. What do you charge for a ride?
It depends on many factors. Please call for a quote on any trip.

8. What are you days and hours of service?
We are open Monday through Saturday and take people to dialysis as early as 4:30am. Please call for questions about exact service hours.

9. My ride is late. When will it get here?
Call our office at (916) 669-0550 if your van is late.